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by phobe on

If you're looking for a great ass deal, and don't care about waiting this is 100% your guy. Art: I requested art, but got none ;'( ---thats fine tho Stealth was pretty good, if the person didn't know what to look for, they aint getting anything. Seller shipped it on the 2nd, got it the 7th. Which is pretty good. Also replies were varied, got some that were almost instant, and other that took 1-2 days. All in all, great seller, tabs tasted like nothing and had my first ever 200ug trip

by J**n on
99% Self Laid Needlepoint Crystal

Everything went as advertised. Couldn't be happier! Thank you so much!

by Dean on
Great communication

seller was awesome great communication, super fast 2 day shipping, product not cut, and he hooked me up with extra because of shipping mistake. thank you chris

by Hoffman on
MDMA was a 10/10

I've recently started buying drugs from the this site and a 100mg sample of some MDMA was my first purchase. I was browsing through and spotted certified pharmacy online and figured that a 100mg sample of MDMA was a good place to start considering I had never tried MDMA before. I made my purchase and the next step was waiting for it to arrive.

Within a couple days I got a nice discreet package which contained my sample of MDMA. It was a couple hours later before I tried it and when it kicked in, I was having a great time. I did the MDMA the weekend before my college finals and it melted away any anxieties or worries I had about my upcoming tests. Sound, touch, and vision were all enhanced and everything I experienced during the trip was happy and positive.

I played some video games, went for a walk, had sex with my girlfriend, and made a delicious meal during the experience. Needless to say, each activity was extremely fun and pleasurable. Even a huge noisy diesel truck driving past me during my walk was a pleasant experience. The loud rumble from the engine reverberated within me and I had a sudden appreciation for the all the physics and mechanics that drove that noisy truck. Near the end of the experience, I even talked with my girlfriend about some things that had been troubling me lately and was able to talk through my problems without any need for restraint. It was actually pretty therapeutic to get some things off my chest like that and I was shocked at the ease of talking about things that troubled me.

All in all, my first experience with MDMA was a 10/10 and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone.

by Tienda on
Amongst the Best in the market

Among best #3 on the market. Fast shipping. Great communication. These guys are pros

by Morris on
Good as advertised

Ordered on 19th, received on 21st. Product as advertised, will return.

by Bouh on
Don't hesitate

Ordered by USPS priority on Thursday, received on Saturday. Love it. Don't hesitate, great product.

by Sali on
Solid stuff

Awesome turn around time and solid product!

by Ape on
Speechless, i endorse

No Comment

by himjan on
Prompt Explanation for delay ,came through

A little slow on delivery but communication was prompt from seller to explain. Really excited to try.

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