What will you (the customer) need to do?

  • You will need to provide a complete and correct address.
  • For tracked orders, you might need to be home to sign for and accept the package. I also need a postal code for tracked orders, really important! This means no PO boxes, park stations, fake names, etc for tracked orders! I CANT SHIP TRACKED THAT WAY!
  • You will need to give your order some time to land.
  • You will need to take care of the address you are ordering to. If the address had a couple of non-deliveries or if the address is occupied by other people than yourself or if the address is in a ‘’hard to deliver country’‘, your shipment might not make it to your hands. This is pretty much out of my hands, but currently the following countries experience very long shipping times and sometimes a no delivery and/or no tracking updates: , New-Zealand, India, Thailand, Philippines, India, Russia
  • You need to know that India and countries in the middle east are hard to deliver to, not because of customs but because of bad postal system. Shipment there can take a long long time and you need to exercise patience. I cant ship it any faster unfortunately.

How do refunds and reships work?

  • Assuming you did all you had to do and a shipment still hasn’t been delivered within a month after your order has been shipped, please contact me so I can work something out. This will either be a reship or refund, but I handle each case on it’s own.
  • If your order doesn’t arrive, we can offer you a     50% reship. Regular customer’s could eligible for a full reship.
  • If you think you received the wrong product or the wrong quantity, please take pictures of the things you have received. Do not throw away bags or packaging materials. This way I can see whats up with your order and help you out the best way possible.
  • I advice to have a reship shipped to a different address than the original order, if possible.
  • If a reship also doesn’t arrive there is little I can do for you. We are both not happy with the situation and we both lost time and money. Time to move on with our lives.