Petch’s Hoffman Acid 100ug LSD blotters

Petch’s Hoffman Acid 100ug LSD blotters

Laid carefully with vodka and distilled water on hemp based ink blotter paper with classic blotter art based on Dr Hoffman’s legendary bicycle ride.

This is nice and clean LSD-25, it has been Regent and Ehrlich tested positive for LSD-25 and personally tested by me, no bitter taste and an amazing clean LSD experience, no brain frazzle or headache towards the end of the trip, just good pure clean acid 🙂

Ideal dose for a trip that is neither to weak or too strong. A great starting point for any acid newbies or old heads wanting a nice manageable trip.

Novices – One tab will do to test the waters.

Intermediate Users – Two tabs will get you where you want to go. Though, once you’re there and see how perfect this xtal is, you’ll want to take more.

Veteran Users – Go as deep as you wish. This is a love so deep and true.

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