Covid-19 is real

** UPDATE 1 ** Due to the new measures in place by the USA Government  in regards to isolation and restrictive movement in public, we will no longer be able to ship orders all through the day within the states, we will be switching to shipping mostly overnight for security reasons and to ensure minimal risk of contamination  from the 15/04/20, After this date we will only ship orders on Monday to Saturdays overnight so you can receive next day.All international shipments would take a period of 2-3 days maximum , we will continue to accept each day.
We are very sorry to have to do this but safety comes first, so please keep this in mind during this disruption and if you need to order for a set time please order in advance to save delay.

***UPDATE*** COVID-19 Notice!

We are continuing to ship all orders during these times.
We have always used sterile packing techniques and we will now increase our sterilisation practices even further to protect you the customer, There is no human contact to anything you receive so you can rest assured when ordering from us that you will receive a sterile package.
Thank you for your custom.

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